The Gospel

The Gospel

Life is full of questions. Some are trivial, some more serious — some tremendously important. Even as you read these words you may have questions about your health, your financial situation, your job, your family, or your future.

But the greatest, the ultimate, question is about God and our relationship to him. Nothing in life is more important than this. Good health, financial stability, secure employment, a contented family, and a hopeful future are all things we want. Yet, even these are temporary and eventually pointless unless we have a living relationship with God, one that is clear and certain — and will last for ever.

Here’s the bad news. We all share the same problem: our sin, rebellion against a holy God has separated us from Him. On our own, we have no hope of being in His presence. In fact, we deserve eternal punishment for our treason against the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Oh, but there’s Good News!

The central message of the Bible is summed up in these beautiful words: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16). The Good News is that our gracious heavenly Father gave up His beloved Son to a brutal death on the cross, in our place, for our sin. And now, all who turn to Christ in faith and repentance are forgiven, redeemed, adopted into His family, and given a new life by the Holy Spirit. God not only saves us, but He has begun the beautiful process of transforming us to be more like Jesus. And one day, we will see our beloved Savior face-to-face. This is ultimately for His glory and our joy.

Have you experienced the life He gives? It would be our joy to walk with you wherever you’re at in your journey.